Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running Repository Creation Utility (RCU for SOA Suite

Oracle Database (I am having Oracle XE Database installed on the same machine)
Installation Steps
Download Repository Creation Utility (RCU from
1. Extract the downloaded file

2. Open command prompt and run it as administrator (you can directly run the rcu.bat file, but I am sharing what I did for installing it on my PC)

3. Browse your file to run rcu.bat in cmd, you will find rcu.bat file in ofm_rcu_win32_11.\rcuHome\BIN
4. Run the rcu.bat file

5. As soon as you run that command, "Repository Creation Utility - Welcome" window gets display., click on next button to proceed.
Select Create radio and click on next button

Provide database information, I have already installed Oracle XE database on localhost, click on next

Select appropriate options from list, In my case I had selected SOA Infrastructure

All prerequisites should be OK, if you find SOA Infrastructure not OK then view, if all the prerequisites are Ok, click on Next button.

Click on Next button

If you receive the message, click on OK button

Click on OK button then Next button

Click on create button

Click on Close button to finish the Repository Creation Utility

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