Friday, November 12, 2010

Installing SOA Suite on Windows Vista 32 bit OS part 2 of 2

Installing patch set
You must already installed SOA Suite
Installation Steps
Unzip file

Open Command prompt as Administrator, browse the ofm_soa_generic_11., and write setup.exe (It can be run directly but I am sharing what I did in my case), window will get open prompting for JRE/JDK directory, provide your Jdk directory and press ENTER.

Click on Next button

Provide Oracle Middleware Home (where you have installed SOA Suite, keep the Oracle Home Directory as it is and click on Next button


Click on Install button
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Click on Finish
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  1. hi
    i'm doing my PG current thesis wrk is abt fault tolerance in web services using BPEL. i've done orchestration in netbeans IDE.Now i'm a beginner to oracle SOA suite ..!! pls help me out ..!! what ever reference materials u provide ll be of great use to me ..!!!
    thanks and regards